Cheryl Trover
Cheryl Trover, one of our cancellation experts, specializes in helping get accounts cancelled and removed. Cheryl first joined the company just over 2 years ago and previously worked in front-line customer support for a major shipping service provider. An avid coffee lover, Cheryl also enjoys music in all forms, including practicing and performing as a singer with a country-rock band on the weekends, and spending time in nature with her family or friends and her 2 large dogs. Cheryl prides herself on her superb communication and people skills and feels that helping and valuing others are the most important things in life. Since helping others is so important to her, Cheryl makes an excellent advocate for our customers and will work hard to get their accounts and profiles cancelled.
Elizabeth Smith
Elizabeth Smith, a customer service and cancellation expert, works hard for every single customer account she handles. Elizabeth is new to the company, joining us only a year ago, but has quickly shown her skills for our customers. Before joining us, she worked in technical support for an ISP helping customers with their internet access. When she isn’t at work, Elizabeth is a gamer who loves RPGs and other video games, and an all-around geek who loves all things tech. She has recently decided to learn Japanese and practices her skills watching anime. Elizabeth loves minimalism and clean design and brings that desire for order and harmony to her customer service work on all fronts, including her work cancelling and removing accounts, and to her relationships with customers and coworkers alike.
Nigel Maldonado
Nigel Maldonado, senior cancellation expert, leads the team in account and profile cancellations and removals. Nigel joined the team 5 years ago after leaving a job in technical manual writing and worked his way up to team leader in the time since then. Nigel spends his free time traveling and learning to cook exotic foods from every corner of the world. All of these adventures include the companionship of a rescue cat named Zeus who came to live with Nigel as a kitten 2 years ago. Nigel has overcome struggles in his personal life, and he feels this helped to teach him how important it is to keep a positive outlook and work hard at everything he does. He brings this attitude to all his interactions and will work as hard as it takes to get the job done for our customers.
Sharon Marks
Sharon Marks joined the team 3 years ago as a customer advocate after spending the previous several years as a stay at home parent with young children. Before becoming a mom, Sharon studied literature with the intent of becoming a writer someday. Sharon enjoys spending time with her spouse and children, and trying new foods and activities, especially adventurous activities and spicy foods. She has a young adult fiction novel in the works that she continues to work on completing to this day. Sharon feels that relationships with others are more important than any technical skills a person might have and is known for her upbeat and cheerful manner with everyone she comes into contact with throughout her days. Sharon is popular with almost everyone thanks to her friendly demeanor and always having a kind word to say.