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How to Cancel Honiedfun
Cancelling by Phone (Live Agent)
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Contact them by calling 1-888-982-9686 or 1-302-483-7701
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Ask for documentation that you contacted them
As usual, just in case, keep the proof that you’ve cancelled handy.
What we know about Honiedfun

Honiedfun is a website that sells a subscription to have access to millions of movies, video games, music, and books. Honiedfun can be used with many video players such as Movie Player, Music Player, Books Reader, and the Game Launcher. Honiedfun is compatible with IOS, Android mobile devices, and desktops. If using in other countries you might be able to see other content that may not appear in another country. The business is located in the United Kingdom in London. They offer all films from classics to new releases for $26.95 per month.

The great feature is it has a mobile feature that allows the user to watch a movie on the go or in the comfort of their own house. Honiedfun also has one of the best collections of movies compared to any other site. Any movie you can think of they have. This is for movie lovers that indulge in oldies all the way to the new releases.

Honiedfun offers many giveaways in which they have given new cell phones. Every member is entered into a random raffle and if you happen to be the lucky winner they will notify by email and require to fill out a form.

With over millions of titles if you cannot find your title contact Honiedfun and let them know and they will do their best to find the title and upload. Honiedfun defiantly is the king of movies online and are constantly adding new content and making sure that their service is user-friendly and that their customers are always pleased. Their subscription includes the chance of winning a new smartphone that is already an incentive to start now.

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Kemp House
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152 City Road
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United Kingdom
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